Hi, I'm Andrew Todd! I'm a writer, filmmaker, and theatre practitioner. How are you today?

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"Hilarious and inventive" - ScreenAnarchy
"SLAMMIN'" - FilmCritHulk
"Deviously imaginative" - TheatreView
"Flawless" - The Press
"Stop being so sexy" - Kumail Nanjiani

Hello! I’m Andrew, a creative professional with over a dozen years of experience telling stories across a range of media.
Born in New Zealand, I spent my first ten years in Dallas, before moving back home to get educated and start building my career in stage and screen. 
My work has been featured by Birth.Movies.Death, Polygon, IGN, SlashFilm, io9, FilmSchoolRejects, Empire's Kim Newman, and in galleries and cinemas around the globe; I've been quoted in the Washington Post, BBC News, Wired, and other outlets; and my writing has been used used as teaching material at multiple universities and high schools, sometimes with me guest-lecturing.
Currently based in Montréal (as a dual NZ/Canadian citizen), I'm working on a variety of projects and seeking new and exciting opportunities in the various fields in which I work.

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