Andrew on the page

Andrew writes about movies and video games on the internet.

He also writes movies and TV shows, and intends to write video games as well.


Birth.Movies.Death. (Gaming Editor)

The Spinoff (contributor)

Cursed By Bigfoot (short interactive fiction)

Petting Zoo Tycoon: Chapter Zero (short interactive fiction)

So Lonely I Could Die; Iron Hawk (feature screenplays)

Raptured: The Weird World of Christian Genre Cinema (ebook)

Pattin': War And Pats (video game)

Divorce Party; Roller Bitch; Hot Rod; Cookie Cutter (short films)



Gameplanet NZ (News)

Flicks (blogger)

Shortland Street (TV2 series, eps 5094 and 5139)

Telefrag (Prime TV documentary series)

Cursed By Bigfoot (one-act play)

Sweet As? (one-act play)